Car Repairs

At RJ Smith Autos we offer widest range of vehicle repair and maintenance services. From simple car service procedures & mechanical repairs like brakes, exhaust, suspension to most complicated as intermittent fault diagnostic or fuel injection system repairs. For more than 40 years we confidently deliver best value repair solutions to our customers.

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    Our garage is fully equipped to repair virtually any problem with your vehicle, including but not limited to: Radiators, Cooling, Timing Belts, Engines, Head Gaskets, Clutches, Starters, and Alternators.

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    Electric problems in cars can be among the most frustrating and can be difficult to diagnose and repair.Today’s car electrical systems are getting more and more complicated. With everything from power windows, central locking, folding mirrors, stereo systems, GPS, xenon lights and seemingly endless other things, it can be difficult to keep it all working properly. Our workshops service electrical problems on all types of vehicles and our trained experienced engineers will diagnose the problems and quote you a competitive price to fix it for you.

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    Our garage is equipped to repair or replace your air conditioning system. If you have a problem with your air conditioning system, feel free to contact us.

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    If any part of your car may need welding, you can be sure our experienced staff are equipped to do so for you.

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    R J Smith Autos are Ferodo Brake Specialists. By taking your car to a Ferodo Brake Specialist you can ensure that your brakes are fitted with Ferodo original equipment quality replacement pads and shoes.
    All brake pads and shoes that are fitted by a Ferodo Brake Specialist are guaranteed against defects in manufacture for 20,000 miles or one year, whichever occurs first.